Winter Wonderland

Creating the set in the direction of winter elegance

Sets that will earn the points are those that will with its creativity, selection of items, photographs, graphical elements as well as with its composition present the creative work enriched with winter elegance and with simple but effective winter style. The best Winter Wonderland set must have unique and personal colour and items selection which will also be able to compete the current fashion winter trends. It must have strongly emphasised personal winter type adjusted with users fashion preferences and its own fashion art expression. The best Winter Wonderland set should preserve the purity of it style enhanced with winter’s attractiveness which will prove the jury that this set has harmonize the texture of fabric style in one unique fashion experience which is in line whit today’s trends expectations.

Creativity and innovation
Evaluation will be based on the originality, creativity, use of fashion items, album and fashion runway photos and graphic elements in an innovative and unique way. Fashion sets that will earn points will be those that best combine fashion items and graphic elements to create a unique and creative fashion set.

Public opinion
Fashion sets that will earn the points will be those with the highest numbers of "Likes" as well as sets that will have good comments from all trendMe users. "Likes" and comments on fashion sets will be taken into consideration only if they reflect public opinion fairly and are consistent with fashion and creative expression.

Public opinion on social network Facebook
Fashion sets that will also earn the points will be the ones which will be posted on users own profile on Facebook and in that way collect large number of Likes as well as positive comments of their friends. As evidence, contest participant must at the end of each contest round send a link to the same set which was posted on Facebook at e-mail address



Contest started: pre 10 godine. Contest ends: pre 10 godine. Set count: 0.
Contest not active. Old sets not allowed.

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