Terms of conditions

Article 1 Introduction

trendMe website (herein: trendMe) is in ownership of trendMe team which includes four members: web programmer, web designer , sales manager and development manager (herein: trendMe team). Over the course of trendMe use, regulations and terms of use specified here are applicable, as well as all current and applicable principles. trendMe maintains the right to change these Regulations and terms of use at any time and without previous notice. Changes are applicable at time of announcement.


Article 2 Information use and protection

When using trendMe, you are obliged to ensure completeness, authenticity and accuracy of information you submit. trendMe is doing everything necessary to protect the privacy of advertiser's personal information according to Data Protection Law and Privacy Policy; they will be used solely for the purpose of connecting advertisers and users. By using trendMe you are compliant that data/information you have submitted are available to all who are interested, according to these Regulations and terms of use. All images uploaded by users and marked with "Private" won't be available to public. That means that these images won't be available to any user on trendMe as well as any employee in trendMe team. All users are asked to respect copyrights and ownership of items they are submitting on trendme.net and to ask for permission from their author or owner if they wish to publish them on trendme.net. The advertiser agrees to have his/her e-mail address used by trendMe for the purpose of sending notification about the status of his/her posted fashion item, sending an invoice for a possible use of advanced services, as well as sending other types of notifications regarding the item advertiser has posted or advertising itself. 


Article 3 Copyright protection

Information at trendMe  are protected by Copyright Protection Law. Copyrights which apply to trendMe include texts, their editing, image contents and other graphical displays which belong to trendMe as well as a permission from the service provider and/or advertiser. Information can be used only in a way anticipated in these Regulations and terms of use. Using information for other purposes, as well as copying, transcription, distribution without permission, is against Copyright Law and will be a subject to sanctions. trendMe will be excluded from responsibility and/or participation in possible disputes regarding advertiser's copyright damage and protection at trendMe.


Article 4 Exclusion from usage, damage compensation

trendMe holds a right to exclude from further use of the website any user who violates the Regulations and terms of use, obstructs the website functioning or offends advertisers and users rights in any way. trendMe holds a right to exclude from further use of the website that user who abuses posted information or in any unauthorised way uses trendMe, especially in a sense of:
- copying the content posted on trendMe and posting it in/at other advertising media
- lobbying trendMe advertisers for advertising at similar websites, or in other advertising media, by
  contacting them in any way and offering them their services

trendMe, aside from excluding such user, may demand a compensation for damage or profit loss.


Article 5 Guarantee

trendMe does not guarantee:
- accuracy, completeness and authenticity of the items or the information provided in it, nor the quality,
  security and legal aspects of the offered products/items and services
- other side's jurisdictions in concluding the agreement, accuracy , completeness and authenticity of
  advertiser's personal information, who accurately used them in business
- that there will be no mistakes on the website and/or the website will function without disconnections
  at any moment
- the third party will legally use trendMe website the entire time.


Article 6 Responsibility

trendMe is, up to maximum responsibility admissible by law, exempt from any damage, loss or injury which may arise, directly or indirectly, due to:
- trendMe website use
- use of websites accessed through links provided on trendMe website
- information provided on trendMe website
- actions taken or not taken regarding information on trendMe website
- use, inability of use or abuse of any above mentioned websites.

trendMe will not carry any responsibility for any content shown at third party web pages where it can allow temporary access. Any such access will not be interpreted as a correlation to trendMe or as supporting such websites by trendMe. trendMe may contain links to other websites, but is not responsible for services or products reached to through trendMe in this way. trendMe may temporarily be unavailable due to various technical problems. trendMe is not responsible for any legal action or complaint against the advertiser based on any copyright or intellectual property law violation.

Article 7 Item

When submitting a fashion item at trendMe, an advertiser/user is giving trendMe a right to send information regarding the item. It is strictly forbidden to submit an item at trendMe in any other way except the one propounded by trendMe. trendMe is investing all efforts to offer its users a quality service and because of it holds a right to regulate, change, remove or even not post items which do not comply with this criteria, especially in the following circumstances:
- an item is submitted in the wrong category
- there are two identical items (an identical item is posted more than once, advertising the same
  product/item or service under modified circumstances, etc.)
- a item, description and/or price in the item is incorrect and/or incomplete
- a item and/or an advertiser violate copyright and/or other intellectual property law
- a item may cause damage and/or violate someone else's intellectual property law in any way
- a item and/or ad content contains discriminating aspects or illegal and forbidden materials according to
  Croatian law
- an item contains images of more items or services
- an item is offensive towards trendMe in any way
- an item is suspicious in terms of advertising stolen or illegal items
- a purpose of the item is to promote a company, directly or indirectly and does not have a deal with
- an item perturbs the quality of the content in any way
- stolen items and pornography are advertised, which sale is not in compliance with legal provisions, as
  well as items which sale violates copyright and other items which sale represents a violation of legal 
An advertiser/user is compliant :
- to delete all information about the ad within 48 hours if the ad/item is invalid
- to not use trendMe in terms of violating copyright, trademark or logo, or sending hidden or coded messages
- that all information, including photographs, after transferring them to trendMe will become the property of trendMe
- that those who maintain trendMe as well as its owners are not responsible for damages that may appear
  upon automatic data processing or data display
trendMe does not participate in any part of direct product/item sale except in providing a service of trendMe use, as a place for commerce. Buying and selling is carried out solely between a seller and a buyer. trendMe does not participate in any transactions between the users. On certain occasions trendMe may offer a service of posting the items for the seller, but will not participate in further course of direct sale between the seller and the buyer. trendMe users agree that all contacts are carried out solely at their own risk and accept that trendMe has no responsibility or obligations for any harmful consequences which may occur by user's actions.
trendMe reserves the right to charge a monthly fee or any other form of fees or to impose items upload limitations for advertisers/users who decide to promote items on trendMe and which are directly connected either with their direct online sales or advertisers affiliate program.
An advertiser/user has right to upload maximally 1.000 affiliate items (items, looks, album pictures) and present them on their trendMe profile.
trendMe does not accept a responsibility nor a guarantee for any product/item placed or sold on these websites, including the following: ownership of any product/item, accuracy or authenticity of description, user's preparation for completing a transaction.


Article 8 Court jurisdictions

For all claims and disputes which may come out from material items use, the court in Zagreb will be amenable.

trendMe team holds a right to change the content at www.trendme.net website without previous notice at any moment and will not be held responsible for any possible consequences derived from such changes.

By using trendMe website, the user confirms to be acquainted with trendMe Regulations and terms of use and accepts them entirely.

In Zagreb, October 2008.

These terms of conditions and the content of this website are a subject to trendMe team copyright.

All rights reserved.

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