Complaints in case of violation of copyright or/and intellectual property rights


The trendMe users upload their own images or images from other websites into trendMe using trendMe uploader. The main reason why most of the people use trendMe uploader to import different kind of clothes and footwear is because they want to use them while creating their fashion sets and while creating their fashion profile.
Through trendMe uploader people can upload their own clothes and footwear or clothes from other web sites. While uploading any kind of images, users are asked to enter image source in the source filed or check the box stating that they own image they want to upload. One of these two options is mandatory.  Image source is a link which is directly linked to image web site from which the image is used.


In what way are these images used on trendMe?


trendMe represent a fashion social network and fashion community where fashion lovers and fashion designers creates their own sets which are made of lots of different images combined in trendMe Dressing Room.


For example, bellow is a fashion set containing 22 images which are uploaded to trendMe from different web sites. There are exactly 7 fashion items, 6 cosmetics items and 9 graphical elements (images). The same fashion set can be seen here.



If image is uploaded from other web site it will have the direct link to that web site. Image will be without the link if user has uploaded the image of his own clothes or footwear.


What do I need to do for my image to be removed from trendMe?


trendMe takes copyright issues very seriously and it  is committed to protecting the intellectual property of third parties. On this page, rights holders will find information regarding how to report copyright and other intellectual property infringements by users posting content on our website. 

If you are a copyright owner or an agent thereof and believe that any user submission or other content infringes upon your copyrights or intellectual property rights please contact us as soon as possible via email kontakt mail. We will make every effort to review your report as quickly as we can. So long as everything appears to be in order, we will promptly remove or disable access to the content. We will also notify the user and, if requested, provide your report to the user. 
If you are submitting a request for removal of photographs please send us a link to the item in question and explain the problem and submit evidence which support your claims.
All users are asked to respect copyrights and ownership of items they are submitting on and to ask for permission from their author or owner if they wish to publish them on
Please send us the following information if you suspect that your work was copied in any way prohibited by copyright law or if you feel that your intellectual property rights were violated:
1. Digital or physical signature or document of the person which authorized the content in question
2. Description of item or content in question
3. Description of where the content in question is located on so we can find it as soon as possible.
4. Your address, phone number and email
5. Declaration that you believe with the best of intentions that use of item or content in question is not prohibited by the author or owner.

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