How to make your fashion combination

What is trendMe Dressing Room?


In trendMe Dressing Room you are able to create your own fashion and art combinations using items that have been imported into trendMe by professional fashion brands, by you or other trendMe users.


With the help of simple “trendMe editor” by dragging and dropping items in the center of the Dressing Room in few minutes you can become a great designer with very creative fashion and art combinations.


How do I use the Dressing Room?



The trendMe Dressing Room has four main areas: item categories on the left, the drag and drop area (center of the Dressing Room) in the middle, editing menu above the center of the Dressing Room and item panels on the right. Simply drag items from the items panel over to the drag and drop area and enjoy creating. On the drag and drop field you can drag the items around; resize them by dragging on the small squares at each corner, etc...


On the left side of the Dressing Room you can find item categories where you can browse through 42 item categories, 14 graphic elements categories as well as through catwalk and album photos which have been uploaded by you or other trendMe users. Here you can also find your saved combinations and your templates as well as your favorite combinations, items, catwalk and album photos.


Above drag and drop area you will find editing menu with this features: Combination (New for creating new and Open for editing existing combination, Saving combinations and Opening and Saving template as a draft so you can come back later to continue working on saved combination), Edit tab (for horizontal and vertically image flipping, for moving image to frond or back, max and proportional resize as well as copying and removing items), Colour tab (to change image color to sephia, Black and White, Colorize, brightness up and down as well as turning image contrast up and down).


On the items panel you can filter items by brand, colour, sex and fashion style. You can also use search box if you already know what you are searching. From this item panel you drag and drop items on the drag and drop field.

Note: You are able to edit already saved combination in the period of 24 hours


To start creating your fashion combinations create your fashion profile here.

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