Winter Wonderland: Winners


Dear trendMe,
among 30 and more beautiful fashion winter sets we have just chosen the three best ones.
Even there were more than 30 real nice and creative winter sets there are always some of them in which some of you put an extra effort to make them more appealing and more in line with our Contest criteria.
There are sets which managed to coloured our winter in really unique and special way. All these sets have deserved to become this contest finalist and few of them deserved to became awarding winners. 
We want to congratulate to winner and to all other Contest participants!
In next few days we will contact the winner and arrange a reward winning ceremony.




Three Finalists


1. Briga me za zimu, kaput mi je ludilo! - author: MariaHexe

2. When I See You Smile - author: majakovska

3. Nježna zima - author: Pepeljugica


About the winning combination


Winter is cold and snow is white. During this period of time we need something which will worm us and which will give live colours to our everyday winter life. These simple words have just described our winning set.
The winning set has coloured our white winter and has given as the worm and cosy feeling which thanks to its realistic approach makes us felt as we are wearing it. MariaHexe as this Contest winner has created the set using the fashion items which helped her to follow one simple rule: this winter colours shouldn’t be as bright as they are in spring and summer but if you chose to do so you need to use real nature colours to make the right fashion balance. MariaHexe was brave enough to choose bright colours with right selection of real nature coloured elements making this set magical expression of creative and live atmosphere.
With right colour selection MariaHexe has proved as that even she strongly believes in this basic winter rule you can choose any colour you like but you must be sure it is more subdued rather than flashy.
Winning set colours are soft, stylish and elegant. They look sexy without being too aggressive. They make you want to look at this mysterious person who is wearing this outfit, you want to get know here and understand what she is feeling. 
MariaHexe has used bright details to give the life to its outfit which help here make outfit soft hues more interesting and attractive. If we need to chose one word which will describe winning set than we will chose word “magical”. So, if you combine this word with our main Contest idea, Winter Wonderland, you will get the right and logical selection that this beautiful magical set deserves the first place prize.
Once again, we won’t to congratulate to MariaHexe and to all other contest participants on remarkable work and creativity!
Other finalists of "Winter Wonderland" contest can be seen here.

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