Cowabunga Summer !!

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od Kate O
Cowabunga Summer !!- Modna kombinacija
18 JUN 2021 ~ The Cowabunga boys are so excited, Schools out & in 6 weeks lots can happen ! First the boys are going to Grandma's farm for 2 weeks, visit cousins in the Mid-West & then they are going to Disneyland !! Excitement abounds for these two fun loving & rambunctious Boys !!

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Kate O, pre 5 meseca

HalfMoonRun ~ Thanks Sweeties !!

HalfMoonRun, pre 5 meseca

Pretty styling, charming and fun set.

Kate O, pre 6 meseca

Thanks Sweetie !!

DiscoMermaid , pre 6 meseca


Kate O, pre 6 meseca

@niwi ~ No not yet but getting better !! The Boyz Love Summer and visiting far away Friends and Family. Mostly they Love going to grandma's farm because they can be rambunctious, as long as they don't break something !! They Love Mucking out the horse stalls, feeding the pigs, chickens and gathering the eggs for Grandma's hearty breakfast and Potato salad for Lunch or dinner !!
Disneyland is a special treat after COVID-19 !! ;-)
Have a Cool Weekend and drink some Lemonade !! Hugs Sweetie !!

Niwi , pre 6 meseca

What a fantastic schedule for our dear boyz ! Lovely set too !
Are the technical problems with tM over sweetie ?
Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, pre 6 meseca

Thank You Sweeties !!

Doozer , pre 6 meseca

Adorable Sweetie!! XXO

lemo, pre 6 meseca

wonderful my dear heartheartheart

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