(Set 3) Lana Del Rey

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od irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️
(Set 3) Lana Del Rey- Modna kombinacija
I forgot to add - you can download your content from Polyvore from this link! account-update.polyvore.com and it also gives you the option of denying Ssense (the new company who has taken over Poyvore)from keeping your information, email address and your sets to promote their website. I would strongly advise you to do so as I have no desire to help them because of their actions towards the Polyvore community. Remember to sign the petition I put in the description of my first set please!...

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Ewa Naukowicz, pre 1 godine


Vittorio1, pre 2 godine

Lovely and cute!

elenaviola, pre 2 godine


peewee PV, pre 2 godine


Imisspolyvore, pre 3 godine

fab set

lililou, pre 3 godine

Love this! Love Lana!!!heart

Beverly , pre 3 godine

Very pretty combo.

CraftyGeminiCreation , pre 3 godine

Pretty set!

dora04 , pre 4 godine


Lottie Farren, pre 4 godine

Wow great look

dianefantasy , pre 4 godine

So simple and Lovely !!!!

Lacas, pre 4 godine


Joanonfashion, pre 4 godine

Great combination!

Styliness, pre 4 godine

Cute minimalsmile

carola-corana, pre 4 godine


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