Rainy Day

kolekcija ART , prije 1 mjesec
od Niwi
Rainy Day- Modna kombinacija
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Niwi , prije 1 mjesec

So welcome Sandra ! Big hugs ! xoxo

sandra , prije 1 mjesec

stunning and before I forget, thank you. I've been told you sent me birthday wishes. It means a lot especially now. Sorry I haven't seen it before. Niwi

Suburbhater , prije 1 mjesec

Love this!

countrycuz, prije 1 mjesec

amazing set

Kate O, prije 1 mjesec

Me too, but it’s not looking good for rain anytime soon !! The storm just wasn’t strong enough to get down to California. Darn !!

HalfMoonRun, prije 1 mjesec

Very impressive and how beautiful piece of art!

Niwi , prije 1 mjesec

Thank you Kate ! Hope Mother Nature brings you rain soon ! smile
Kate O

Kate O, prije 1 mjesec

An Awesome Rainy Day Creation !! Wish it was raining here, but, I think Mother Nature has changed her mind !! Hugs, Vero !! Have a good Monday !! ;)

BeBeauty, prije 1 mjesec

great set smile

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