New Year, New Style: January Wardrobe Revival!

As we step into a brand new year, it's time to refresh our style and set the fashion bar high. Join our 'New Year, New Style: January Wardrobe Revival' and kickstart the year with a fashionable bang. Show us your unique January outfit and earn points.

1st Place: 5000 points
2nd Place: 3000 points
3rd Place: 1000 points

Your challenge is to create a January-inspired ensemble that captures the essence of fresh beginnings and seasonal trends. Whether it's a sleek winter coat, a cozy sweater, or a creative accessory, showcase how you're redefining your style for the new year.

Contest starts: prije 5 mjeseci. Contest ends: prije 4 mjeseci. Set count: 355.
Contest not active. Old sets not allowed.

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Herbst/Winter 2024
od lemo

 288    10  

2024 3

Winter 2024
od Renita

 515    16  

2024 2

Winter 2024
od Renita

 652    50  


od dgia

 213    12  

nr 8519 - Winter style

od BeBeauty

 349    6  

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