Kenneth Cole

After establishing the Kenneth Cole name as a prime designer of women's shoes, Cole branched out into women's wear, menswear, accessories, and even jewelry. With his clothing described as "Prada for the people," he brought simple yet chic styles like black wool three-button suits, slick loafers and subtle ties to the workingman.

Though Cole's clothes - both men's and women's - were recognizable thanks to their simple designs, clean yet stylish look, and functionality, there is more to wearing a Kenneth Cole item than just the feel. Cole is noted for his one-liner, pun-filled ads, sometimes mixing in messages that go beyond the fashion world.

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Kenneth Cole  Messenger Bag Tan - Poštarske torbe - $96.88  ~ 615,44kn
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Kenneth Cole  Messenger Bag Brown - Poštarske torbe - $74.99  ~ 476,38kn
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Kenneth Cole  Messenger Bag Black - Poštarske torbe - $89.52  ~ 568,68kn
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Kenneth Cole New York Mens Hooded Parka Pinetree - Jakne i kaputi - $249.50  ~ 1.584,97kn
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