Samedi en Rouge

iz kolekcije Spring/Summer 2021Proljeće, pre 2 meseca
od Kate O
Samedi en Rouge - Modna kombinacija
20 FEB 2021 ~ Saturday in Red or at least a Pop of Red !! This color palette is one of my most favorites !!

Happy Saturday no matter what color you wear !!

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Komentari (15)


Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks NY Friend !!

Michelle858, pre 2 meseca

Great ! Excellent bag and shoes ! !!

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks Sweetie !!

sandra , pre 2 meseca

Kate O didn't want to make it too difficult smile it really is an outstanding look

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Merci Sandra ! My French is very limited, but, I was able to understand your comment!! Hugs !!

sandra , pre 2 meseca

J' adore, Samedi est un jour parfait pour des vêtements rouges. Et le manteau c'est tres élégant, j'aime ça

Since you started with the French I thought why not continue smile This very beautiful

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks so much Sweet Friends !!
Anne Irene
Enchanticals ~ heart

Anne Irene , pre 2 meseca

Marvelous !!!! ❤️

justmetwo, pre 2 meseca

It is a stunner look ♥

Enchanticals , pre 2 meseca

WOW! I love black and white with a pop of red. The look is fabulous, set design is tops, and the shoes and bag are to die for.

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Hugs and Thanks for the nice comments Sweet Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ xoxo! You are so sweet and have such wonderful comments Hugs !!
lemo ~ heart
Niwi ~ Could be !! heartheart
beautifulplace ~ heart

HalfMoonRun, pre 2 meseca

Very pretty and feminine styling (the heels!). Charmingly well designed set and so lovely french title.

lemo, pre 2 meseca

wow very ,very beautiful my dear heartheartheartheart

Niwi , pre 2 meseca

This color palette is always elegant ! Maybe because it reminds us our flags smile Beautiful in Rouge Kate ! Hugs ! xoxo

beautifulplace, pre 2 meseca

How chic & adorable, lovely heels & skirt!!! ❤️

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