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od Kate O
LOOK  UP !! - Modna kombinacija
22 FEB 2021 ~ After a year of frustration, loss and isolation it's time to look up to the Sky and Fly !!

Happy New Week !!

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Kate O, pre 1 mesec

Thanks Vero !! I Love the Jumpsuit, so I had to create a set around it !!
Hugs !!

Niwi , pre 1 mesec

Love this sweet and tender blue, this is very cute Kate !
Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, pre 1 mesec

Oh You can Michelle!! Just push the buy button !! ;-)

Michelle858, pre 1 mesec

Sweet ! I wish I had that bag ! ! !

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks Sweetie !!

Renita , pre 2 meseca

Heavenly, love the soft blue!

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks Sweetie !!

beautifulplace, pre 2 meseca

So very lovely and dreamy!! heart

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks Sweet Friends !!
peewee PV

JelNik, pre 2 meseca

Dreams of summer in winter! Wonderful!

peewee PV, pre 2 meseca

yes, wonderfully peppy

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Awww, Hugs !! It's nice to know you enjoy my memories too !!

HalfMoonRun, pre 2 meseca

You have such a lovely and touching way of telling us memories that belong to you. It's like we're there.
It is always such a pleasure to read you. Thank you, sweet Kate O .
And hugs to you too, from your Friends.

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

HalfMoonRun ~ It's a comfort knowing You all are doing fine !! Even though most of the states that have been negatively impacted are used to snowy conditions, they are not used to the severity of the recent storms. I lived in the mountains ( in a Lumber Mill ) when I was a kid and snow in Winter was not taken lightly. My Dad made sure we were safe and warm. We had electricity, a large propane backup generator and two wood burning stoves, so we never really worried about the weather. My Dad was the only one that could drive in the snow, so he would take all the school kids up to the main highway to catch the bus. Those are happy memories for sure !! Hugs my Friends !!

HalfMoonRun, pre 2 meseca

Sweet Kate O - We are all doing very well in our Snow Country. We're touched by your concern. Some of us, coming from another Canadian province where the climate is milder, have ended up getting used to the harsh winter of Québec. (But they're happier to be in the sun.) Winter here invites each other to warm up ... and offers often breathtaking sceneries. Unlike cities in USA that have been hit severely by cold and heavy snow lately, the towns of the province are all well equipped to cope with heavy snowfall in a short time.
Be sure that we will continue stay safe and warm. - LOVE, from all of us.

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