Dreamin' of Summer

iz kolekcije Spring/Summer 2020Ljeto, pre 2 godine
od Kate O
Dreamin' of Summer - Modna kombinacija
09 MAY 2020 ~ and hoping when it's here our lives will be relatively normal !!

Have a great Saturday !!

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Kate O, pre 2 godine

Thanks Hon !!

collagette, pre 2 godine

Fun and fabulous =D

Niwi , pre 2 godine


Kate O, pre 2 godine

Yes !! It was a nice surprise, one I'll remember for a long time !! It was sunny and windy Sunday and today it is overcast and windy. We are being teased again by Mother Nature !! LOL !! Hugs !! Niwi

Niwi , pre 2 godine

It really was a nice surprise, heartwarming !
Sunday was nice, calm, windy and grey smile
Take care of you sweetie ! Hugs xoxo

Kate O, pre 2 godine

Niwi Thank You Dear Friend !! Meesu won't be a happy camper, but, it has to be done !! As for Rachel, she says she has had a few photo shoots that is helping her out. She says wearing a mask is really strange, but, it is necessary.
I was surprised on Mother's Day by my little family with Brunch, flowers, cards and new portraits of the Munchkins !! We ate on the patio a safe distance away, unmasked and had a really good time !! I had not seen them since the 3rd of March and it was such a joy !! Hope your Sunday was relaxing and the weather was good !!
Hugs Sweetie !!

Niwi , pre 2 godine

I hope so too, for you, for Rachel, and for Meesu !
Hugs sweetie, hold on xoxo

Kate O, pre 2 godine

Hugs & Thanks !!

beautifulplace, pre 2 godine

Super pretty styling, perfect for warmer days ❤️

Kate O, pre 2 godine

justmetwo ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

justmetwo, pre 2 godine

Fabulous outfit,great sandals ❤️

Kate O, pre 2 godine

I know, but I still want things to be back to normal, especially for Rachel. She is stressing about her work or lack of !! She was able to pay her rent for May and some bills because of the incentive money the Government paid us. Not everyone got the money, it was for us lower income people and some middle class, depending on how much they made. I got mine and I am saving it for leaner times and Meesu needs booster shots and a checkup. Going Monday !!
Hugs Sweetie!! xo!

Niwi , pre 2 godine

Really lovely Kate!
Hope so too. Summer is only 6 weeks ahead.

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