Sunday Brunch on the Garden Patio . . .

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od Kate O
Sunday Brunch on the Garden Patio . . .- Modna kombinacija
25 AUG 2018 ~ one of the the nicest things about Summer is Sunday Brunch with friends. We take turns hosting and everyone loves to sit on the patio to enjoy each others gardens and our Friendship. Once the cooler weather sets in we don't host a Brunch. That is saved for Summer Sundays !!

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Kate O, pre 3 godine

THX !!!

haikuandkysses, pre 3 godine


Kate O, pre 3 godine

Bev Martin ~ Thanks Sweetie !! It is an awful feeling when someone is in such pain and you can not do anything to help them. I went through that with my Mom & my Daughter !! It was like my insides were being torn out of my body !! Never want to go through that ever again !!
Sending more Positive Healing thoughts and Prayers !! Hugs !!

Bev Martin, pre 3 godine

@Kate O - I saw my mom earlier and they have her heavily medicated. She is finally getting some sleep since she is so sleep deprived due to the pain she is in.

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Thanks so much Sweet Friends !!
Doozer ~ XXO
Niwi ~ xoxo

Doozer , pre 3 godine

Wonderful Sweetie!! XXO

Niwi , pre 3 godine

Elegant and comfortable as well, a great one Kate, love it ! smile

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Dear Friends !! Thank You So much for the wonderful comments !! Hugs !!
Aida Susi Silva
@beautifulplace ~ Hugs !!
Kathie C
vespagirl ~ I am an Autumn Gal !! My mornings are cooler & am loving it !! heart

Aida Susi Silva, pre 3 godine


Nanni33, pre 3 godine


Duki, pre 3 godine

So beautiful!

Matildiwinky , pre 3 godine


beautifulplace, pre 3 godine

Magnificent! heart
I like summer, but now I'm ready for autumn and winter (my favorite season)!

Nads , pre 3 godine

Marvelous set!!

Misshonee, pre 3 godine

Magnificent Set! ❤❤❤

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