Big or Small, Dreams change !! Have You ??

iz kolekcije Spring/Summer 2018Jesen, pre 3 godine
od Kate O
Big or Small, Dreams change !! Have You ??- Modna kombinacija
20 AUG 2018 ~ the dreams of my Youth are not the Dreams of here and now. How foolish of me not to change when change is all around me !! I no longer dream of being a Ballerina,but, I still Love to Dance!

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Niwi , pre 3 godine

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Thanks Bunches Gals !!
Bev Martin

vespagirl, pre 3 godine


Bev Martin, pre 3 godine

Fabulous! I so agree with the verse!

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Doozer ~ Thanks Darlin' !!

Doozer , pre 3 godine

Fabulous Sweetie!! XXO

Kate O, pre 3 godine

haikuandkysses ~ Thanks !!

haikuandkysses, pre 3 godine


Kate O, pre 3 godine

Kathie C ~ Thank You Dear !! It is nice to know that my quips are read and most of the time enjoyed. Hugs !!

Kathie C, pre 3 godine

This is amazing!!! I so agree with what yo have said.

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Thanks Ladies !!

beautifulplace, pre 3 godine

Fabulous and very elegant look, dear♥

HalfMoonRun, pre 3 godine

Very beautiful styling, colours and set ♥

Kate O, pre 3 godine

Michelle858 ~ Thanks so much Sweetie !!

Michelle858, pre 3 godine

This outfit is so awesome ! Great ! smile

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