Accent on Olive

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od Kate O
Accent on Olive - Modna kombinacija
18 FEB 2021 ~ Olive, not a color to use exclusively, but, as an accent it can make an outfit standout. I use Olive or Military Green sparingly.

Enjoy today, cuz tomorrow is Friday !!

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Niwi , pre 2 meseca

Love mint and forest green. I'm going to check on the Kelly one and tell you smile

Kate O, pre 2 meseca

Thanks so much Sweet Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ off the shoulder tops are kind of sexy, Hugs !!
Niwi ~ I know what you mean Vero. Fire Escapes are old NYC, and I like seeing them because they remind me that some of my Ancestors lived in those buildings, used the escape for extra space, fresh air and a view of the neighborhood and neighbors !! Hee,hee !
It boggles my mind that there so many shades of Green, as well as, all the other colors !! Wow !!
Mint, Kelly and Forest Green are my favorites !!

HalfMoonRun, pre 2 meseca

Chic and very feminine (sexy too) styling. Love the colours, your set and the fire escape.

Niwi , pre 2 meseca

Olive and military green are among my favorite greens. Did you realize how many tones of green there are ? smile
Lovely set Kate, and the fire escape ladder always make me think of NY. Don't know why as I never went their lol
Hugs ! xo

Renita , pre 2 meseca


Michelle858, pre 2 meseca

Fabulous ! The fire escapes are MARVELOUS ! ! ! !

Helenelle, pre 2 meseca

Well designed! LOVE!

Doozer , pre 2 meseca

WOW I love this Kate!! Great colors!! XXO

BeBeauty, pre 2 meseca

fantastic outfit, love the olive accents smile

beautifulplace, pre 2 meseca

Very pretty look & fabulous colors here ♥️

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