Time for Tacos !!

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de Kate O
Time for Tacos !!- combinação de moda
05 MAY 2021 ~ I Love Mexican food and I Love Top Shelf Margaritas !! One of my favorite restaurants only offers Wine Margaritas, so I drink Dos XX instead. Since today is Cinco de Mayo I think I'll have some of my favorites !! Tacos, Enchiladas, Chicken Burrito, Chili Rellenos, and a Quesadilla !! Yum !!

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Kate O, antes 1 mês

Hugs Michelle !!

Michelle858, antes 1 mês

Yes ! I do miss Cinco de Mayo fairs and fests ! This outfit is wonderful !

Niwi , antes 1 mês

That is exactly this smile

Kate O, antes 1 mês

Yes !!! It is places like " Le Pavillon Bleu " that makes dining out so special. Mom & Pop businesses are small and they were/are started by a family. Mom cooks, Dad runs the day to day operation and if there are older kids or extended family they wait tables, do the dishes, etc.. Like Stef, he gets to know his repeat customers and takes the time to make them feel welcome and at home !! Your restaurant sounds like quite a few restaurants here in Sac area that purchase locally and the menu changes almost daily. You won't find a tomato on their menu in the winter and they definitely won't import from other countries. Their menus reflect whats is available that day, just like Stef's !! Hugs !!

Niwi , antes 1 mês

lol! So many new words to me I have to check. I've got an idea about what a "Mom and Pop" can be and I found out what DOS xx beer was on the Internet.
Sometimes I have the feeling we are not that far away one from each other, on the same little planet, especially with the same Moon watching over. And some other times, like here, I can feel how far we are, living into two very different and distant places.
I love little restaurants. Our favorite place was (before Covid) a little familly restaurant, in the backroom of a an old Café. It's called "Le Pavillon Bleu" in Draveil. Stef kisses almost all his customers and sit with them, at their table, to explain what is on the menu that day and take their order.
I hope it can open again after Covid damages.
Happy Fryday sweetie, Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, antes 1 mês

Thanks Friends !!
peewee PV
Doozer ;-)
Niwi ~ That's the problem with certain cuisines ! If you aren't able to sample multiple restaurants food, then you have nothing to base the meal on. We have hundreds of Mexican restaurants here my area, from a Mom & Pop place to high end restaurants !! They are not the same !! My favorite place, Felipe's is a well established Mom & Pop restaurant with one other location in Sacramento. The original place has been around for over 45 years. I remember eating there with Rachel when she was about 3 years old. It isn't a fancy place, at all !! They serve great food & staying in business for over 45 years is a testament to it's popularity.and the quality of it's food !! Just wish they had real Margaritas but for some reason they have never applied for a liquor license, so I drink Dos XX beer. ;-) Hugs, Vero !!

Doozer , antes 1 mês


Niwi , antes 1 mês

I'm not very fond of Mexican food as it is not really set up here. No Mexican restaurant in my area as far as I know. But your set looks so tasty smile
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

peewee PV, antes 1 mês

so colourful and fun

Kate O, antes 1 mês

Doozer ~ I figured as much, because you love your Margaritas !! I can just see you sipping on a Margarita while preparing enchiladas !! LOL !!
Hugs !!

Doozer , antes 1 mês

I love Mexican food!! I cook a lot of it myself having had cooking lessons in Mexico. Happy Cinco de Mayo! XXO

Kate O, antes 1 mês

Hola !! Cinco de Mayo is really only celebrated in Cali, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, though I am sure there are some great Mexican restaurants in other states !!
Doozer ~ well I know you like Margaritas, but, not sure about Mexican Cuisine !
KateGWest ~ Go For it !! I get cravings at least once a month !! ;-)
Niwi - Vero, do you like Mexican Food ?? I don't think it has come up before now !! Yes, Yummy !!

Doozer , antes 1 mês


KateGWest, antes 1 mês

Wonderful set and now I want Good Mexican Food!!

Niwi , antes 1 mês

Hmm... Yummy ! smile
Happy Cinco de Mayo to the friends who are celebrating !
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

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