The Unpretentious Daisy !

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de Kate O
The Unpretentious Daisy !- combinação de moda
04 MAY 2021 ~ The Daisy, is a filler flower, it hardly every takes center stage !! As a Youngster if I were to choose between a Daisy and a Rose to bring home to my Mom, the Daisy would win out !! It's simple, perky and looks so happy, something I could relate too !!

Go make Daisy Chains !!

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Kate O, antes 3 mêses

Thanks so much Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ Hugs Vero !!
Doozer ~ My Mom loved anything we brought home, even the dandelions my Bro thought was a flower !! ;-)
Diane1234 ~ heart
HalfMoonRun heart ;-)

Niwi , antes 3 mêses

I like daisies too, especially when they are turning white the green and the grass in front of the house. smile
Adorable combination Kate, love the denim mini dress and the sandals are too cute !
Hugs ! xoxo

Doozer , antes 3 mêses

I would choose the daisy too Kate. Lovely set!! XXO

Diane1234, antes 3 mêses

So pretty!

HalfMoonRun, antes 3 mêses

So charming styling. Pretty inspired set.

Kate O, antes 3 mêses

Thanks Gals !!
peewee PV

peewee PV, antes 3 mêses

fresh and lovely

justmetwo, antes 3 mêses

Wow! fabulous ♥

collagette, antes 3 mêses

Charming!! =D

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