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 - Added item collections for all item types (also visible on create page on left menu)
 - Faster / Modal My look uploads
 - Brand follow feature now shows new Brand items on user feed
 - Added Text feature on Create Set Page
 - Slight Create Page Toolbar redesing
 - Brand page has been redesigned
 - Reseller has been redesigned
 - User profile redesign
 - Home page redesign
 - My Look page redesign
 - Edit/Delete set comments
 - sets page now keeps state, so if you go to details and hit back button you'll continue where you left
 - sets page has been redesigned
 - several server side optimizations
 - several minor fixes on mobile version
 - twitter share now includes image
 - notifications changes:
      - like notifiaction now only goes to set owner (removed commentators and 'likers')
      - comment notification goes now only to set owner + commentators (removed 'likers')
- watermark removed from sets
- desktop version design changes
     - sticky header
     - font style, size, familly
     - many other visual tweaks 
 - mobile web had light redesign:
     - registration page added
     - home page added (set of the day, top feshion sets)
     - hight quality set images now available
     - share on social media button added
- watermark removed from sets
  • - Entire website moved to Secure Connection (SSL)
  • - Added Friends-set feed so users can follow their friends sets only
  • - Fixed issue with images upload on edit profile and add items page
  • - Minor cosmetic updates on header/profile edit/image upload
  • - Problem with profile pictures and set pictures caching has been resolved
  • - FB like and share updated and fixed minor issues
  • - Youtube embedded link minor fixes
  • - Added affiliate link and price on all article/item types and images..for all user types, resulting in 'Buy at' affiliate link
  • - A lot of server site optimisation has been done, many still to come
  • - Implemented many administration features for user support
  • - Imported over 10000 new items to make sets with
- FB login/registration
  • - functional dressing room on mobile web
  • - user tagging in comments
  • - bookmarklet for scraping images directly from websites
  • - custom cutting tool in dressing room
  • - user generated contests

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