(Set 5) Snow White

コレクション: Cathy's Outfits ♥️エレガント, 1 年前
by irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️
(Set 5)  Snow White- コーディネート
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BeBeauty, 9 ヶ月前

love smile

Elza, 1 年前

Beautiful !!!

Vittorio1, 1 年前

Fantastic classy look and set! Well deserved congrats, dear! Glad to see you here, sweetie! Though I am not very often here lately, I still miss PV friends! And I used to TrendMe already, they really are developing which I value a lot! Have a lovely time here!

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️, 1 年前

Incogneato I'm glad I reminded you of Dora! Perhaps.I think it would be tiring to have accounts on different sites. Sometimes I have trouble keeping up with Trendme! Wow, that's a long time! I'm certainly trying smile ❤️❤️

Incogneato, 1 年前

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️ I forgot about Dora! There are likely many people from PV on URstyle. I can't commit too much time on these sites ... you know how life gets in the way of having fun. I am good, a little tired of living on an island - it's been 10 years! Thanks and I hope you play here sometimes!!!♥️

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️, 1 年前

Incogneato ❤️❤️ Thank you for the support too and for the lovely comment! I really appreciate it. No, I don't have an account with urstyle but I heard it was good dora04 told me about it. Haha thanks. Hope you are well! I love your sets ❤️❤️

Incogneato, 1 年前

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️ Thanks for all your support. Miss seeing yours. Hope you are creating somewhere ... maybe URstyle? I hear it is great. Hope late spring is going well! ❤️

Martin Bev, 1 年前

Perfection indeed!

Incogneato, 1 年前

Congratulations to you! ❤️

esterika, 1 年前


aqua22, 1 年前

Congratulations! Wonderful execution.

HonkyTonkDancer, 1 年前


Radisavljević Ljubacelo, 1 年前


PaoM, 1 年前


O Kate, 1 年前

Congrats !!


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