Forgot my Cover-up . . .

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od Kate O
Forgot my Cover-up . . .- Modna kombinacija
01 MAY 2019 ~ I have used oversized shirts as a swimsuit cover-up and they work perfectly !! Just remember not to wear the shirt too soon after wearing it to the beach or pool !! C'est la Vie !!

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haikuandkysses, prije 1 godine


Kate O, prije 1 godine

Thanks you Lovely Ladies !!
Niwi ~ heart

Niwi , prije 1 godine

The shirt is really splendid! Beautiful set Kate !
xoxo smile

HalfMoonRun, prije 1 godine

Beautiful styling and colours. And what a great invitation to be close to the sea and under the palm trees! ☆

Kate O, prije 1 godine

Thank You Deb !!

Doozer , prije 1 godine

Perfect Sweetie and what a lovely background!! XXO

Kate O, prije 1 godine

Thanks Bunches !!
Incogneato ~ Yep !!

Michelle858, prije 1 godine

Fantastic idea and this outfit is lovely ! heart

neverorever , prije 1 godine

Amazing heart

Incogneato, prije 1 godine

Gorgeous! Lots of people I know swim in long sleeved t-shirts to protect against sun. Of course a lovely shirt like this work make a great cover up!

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