Beach bound

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od lastchance
Beach bound- Modna kombinacija
So happy to have some time off. Went to my niece's wedding yest. and it was perfect.. so nice. I'm going to Ocracoke tom. and spend some down time.. unplugging from everything and enjoy my time with my husband, Dad, and cousin. Hope all has been well. I've been so busy with work no time to play.
Have a great Sunday xx

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Komentari (14)


BeBeauty, prije 3 godine


dressi, prije 4 godine

wonderful summer set!

Doozer , prije 4 godine

Wonderful Sweetie, I'm glad your getting some R&R!! Hugs

Qiou, prije 4 godine

Marvelous !

haikuandkysses, prije 4 godine


beautifulplace, prije 4 godine

Have a wonderful time!! Enjoy it!

beautifulplace, prije 4 godine

Absolutely beautiful summer set, sweetie ♥️

@polymorphing from Polyvore, prije 4 godine

Love the set! Hope you have a great time with family and relaxing!

Incogneato, prije 4 godine

Great look sweetie! Enjoy your time away, don’t forget to breathe in .... now out ... let those muscles relax ... see, your body remembers how! Sending love and hugs! ❤️

sandra , prije 4 godine


Annabu , prije 4 godine

gorgeous colours!

neverorever , prije 4 godine

Outstanding set dear heart

Michelle858, prije 4 godine

Great beach outfit and nice fun and relaxation for you smile heart

thenycbaglady, prije 4 godine


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