The Color(s) of July

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od Kate O
The Color(s) of July - Modna kombinacija
01 JUL 2020 ~ For Americans July's colors are Red, White & Blue.
For our Friends in Canada it is Red & White.
Hopefully we still have Canadian Friends, but, one doesn't know from day to day anymore !!

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Kate O, prije 2 dana

Thanks Hon !!
Lala True

Lala True , prije 2 dana

such a great fourth of july set!!

Kate O, prije 1 tjedan

Thanks so much !!
peewee PV

peewee PV, prije 1 tjedan

wow, so cute

Kate O, prije 1 tjedan

HalfMoonRun ~ Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, prije 1 tjedan

thank you for your "Happy July 1st" Kate O .
we're in Canada since a while and probably still for a while : )

Kate O, prije 1 tjedan

Thanks to my Super Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ will be looking for your challenge set !! Hugs !!
HalfMoonRun ~ Yes !! I have Canada Day and Bastille Day on my Calendar !! Happy July 1st if you are in Canada today !! ;)

Doozer , prije 1 tjedan

Super fun Kate! XXO

Niwi , prije 1 tjedan

Yes ! My color of July isn't ready yet to be released but I have the same 3 colors. I even have the same short ! lol ! Hope I can publish it by the end on this week ;-)
Hugs sweetie !

HalfMoonRun, prije 1 tjedan

pretty cool styling in the colours of the 4th of July and very charming set.
today, 1st of July, it's Canada Day. so, it's a Red & White day. and, on July 14 it will be the Fête Nationale in France which commemorates the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, a turning point of the French Revolution. so, it will be another Red, White & Blue day.
always love the words you add to each of your set : )

Kate O, prije 1 tjedan

Thanks Gals !!

JelNik, prije 1 tjedan

Very pretty!

beautifulplace, prije 1 tjedan

Fabulous look in July colors ❤️

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