A Multitude of Blessings . . .

kolekcija Autumn/Winter 2020Jesen, prije 2 mjeseci
od Kate O
A Multitude of Blessings . . .- Modna kombinacija
25 NOV 2020 ~ even under such devastating times, there is much to feel blessed about and when you think about it, it's the small things in life that gives us the important Blessings !!

Wishing You Small Blessings !!

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Kate O, prije 2 mjeseci

LOL !!

Niwi , prije 2 mjeseci

5 of course not 4, silly Niwi ! A pair is two hehe smile
Hugs ! xo

Kate O, prije 2 mjeseci

Yes indeed !! Just the 5 of us !! After dinner we played Family Trivial Pursuit and Phoenix won !! We had a good time !! ;-)

Niwi , prije 2 mjeseci

Oh great ! So it was a happy T-day and the kids were safe with just the four of you !
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, prije 2 mjeseci

Hugs & Thanks Dear Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ this T-day the Munchkins were with us ! Rachel refused to let them go to their Pa's because there was going to be his wife's large family in attendance !! My Munchkins were really happy to be home for T-day !! It was an Awesome Day !! xoxo !!

Renita , prije 2 mjeseci

Stunning style for Turkey Day!

Niwi , prije 2 mjeseci

You are so true Kate !
This dress is awesome smile and the mood so festive!
Hugs ! xoxo

Kate O, prije 2 mjeseci

Thank You my Dear & Lovely Friends !!
peewee PV

HalfMoonRun, prije 2 mjeseci

Elegant styling (love love the colours) and delightful set.

peewee PV, prije 2 mjeseci

wonderful set

Kate O, prije 2 mjeseci

Thanks ever so much Sweet Friends !! Blessing, Love & Peace this Thanksgiving !!

Doozer , prije 2 mjeseci

Wonderful Kate and you are so right!! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. XXO

MarinaSyd, prije 2 mjeseci


Michelle858, prije 2 mjeseci

100 % Beautiful outfit !

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