We look right, left and we look to find green transport

kolekcija AutumnModa i vozila, prije 3 mjeseci
od sandra
We look right, left and we look to find green transport- Modna kombinacija
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sandra , prije 3 mjeseci

HalfMoonRun seems there was something going on on the host platform. Hope it is sorted now.

I'm glad my sets bring you some joy. I'll always use my sets as a way to visualize story, so it is never just about the outfit. Mood is everything smile

beautifulplace, prije 3 mjeseci

Absolutely wonderful!!

lemo, prije 3 mjeseci

wow wonderful heartheartheartheart

HalfMoonRun, prije 3 mjeseci

sandra You weren't the only one to lose your set and items indeed.
Strange things happened yesterday.
As another example, one of our sets has been "Set Of The Day" twice.
By the way, it is impossible not to like your sets.
They are always creative, inspired and artistic,
in addition to making us travel / bring us elsewhere / take us out of the ordinary even when your sets are about everyday life.
Your sets always make us feel really good. Thank you. - LOVE

sandra , prije 3 mjeseci

HalfMoonRun Glad you like it smile I was beginning to wonder if it was just me, but seems it's been going haywire for a few hours overall, I'm not the only one with lost sets and items I think.

HalfMoonRun, prije 3 mjeseci

Very pretty and feminine styling. Beautifully well designed set. Great title that makes us smiles (however, sorry for your missing set).

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