Another Deadly Weekend In The U.S.!

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by Bev Martin
Another Deadly Weekend In The U.S.!- 搭配
There were two mass shootings last weekend in the United States. The first one was in a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and the death toll is now at 22! This was a hate crime where the shooter killed people of Mexican descent.

The second mass killing hit close to where I live. Around 1 AM on Sunday morning, a 24 year old man from Bellbrook, OH killed 9 people, including his own sister! He had enough ammunition for 250 rounds. Luckily, a Dayton Police Officer killed the man before he could do more...

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Bev Martin, 3 年之前

dgia - Thanks so much!

dgia, 3 年之前

This is a wonderful tribute Bev!My prayers to the families.

Bev Martin, 3 年之前

@Michelle858 - Thanks so much! I'm much happier there because I'm in lots of groups and each group has contests going on all the time. That means I make a huge variety of sets, not just fashion sets!

Michelle858, 3 年之前

I reach out and hug you, Bev (((Hugs))). I'm going to check out the site you moved to -I miss you here,though heart

Bev Martin, 3 年之前

Thank you very much!
Michelle858 - I totally agree with what you said!

Bev Martin, 3 年之前

Thank you all so very much! My entire message did not show so I will add a little more info. The gunman had already shot up a restaurant and was on his way to a bar to shoot more people. Due to the quick response by the Dayton Police, he was shot and killed before he could kill more people. He used 40 rounds of ammunition and had the intention of using all 250 rounds. One of the people he killed was his own sister! My heart goes out to them and all the people in El Paso, Texas where 22 people lost their lives while shopping in a Walmart!

Michelle858, 3 年之前

My prayers go out to everyone touched by these horrendous acts of evil. The aggression and desperate competition for monetary gain by corporations must stop as it is at the root of these acts. Our people are not being taken care of yet we have the illusion that we are. Dig deep. Research. Go outside the mainstream rhetoric and partial information. The "drugs" they are giving people have side effects that are overlooked, even if the person stops taking them. We are not getting the full story.

Spiritual enrichment is needed. Not propaganda and the hope that people will not question things. Americans are smarter than their leaders think.

God bless everyone.

(sorry, but this had to be said) Great tribute set, Bev.

neverorever , 3 年之前

I have heard about this and i m speechless . Im so sorry

beautifulplace, 3 年之前

I'm sorry to hear that it was close to you.
It's terrible what is happening in this world. :(

Gianoula , 3 年之前

May God bless the Souls, who are gone to the other world.

Incogneato, 3 年之前

I am so sorry, Bev ... having a tragedy happen close to where you live must be traumatic. My heart aches for all the families from both travesties. ❤️


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