tired angel

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by lilacat
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so polyvore died yesterday ... it's a crazy, damaged, brutal world. i don't want to think about it right now, it makes me too sad. i need to create a set and listen to my fav kind of music, something that calms me down before going to sleep.
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Enchanticals , 2 年之前

I love goth, spooky, and edgy. It offsets my bright side. This is really tops!

Barbie Stylist , 5 年之前


haikuandkysses, 5 年之前

Wonderful and Amazing! xoxo

journeyon, 5 年之前

awesome art! i miss polyvore like crazy too. having big challenges navigating this site. wish they had a better tutorial!

sandra , 5 年之前

I agree, the death of Polyvore was just pain tragic, and for what. But I am not going there, this whole thing made me even less of a fan of webshops.

Let's talk about this set instead, it is beautiful, dark and atmospheric. I love it.

Dianne Collier, 5 年之前

Yes we are my dear friend!! Thank you again and hoping you are still alright big hugs xoxoxoxo lilacat

lilacat, 5 年之前

@stormbattereddragon - of course we will survive!! never had a doubt about this.
i like your nickname so much. really cool.

lilacat, 5 年之前

@stardustnf - I've signed the petition too - let's hope it helps to get our poly back. but even if we do, i think i will not give up trendMe. it's nice here, and cozy. smile i'd use poly and trendMe. you're right, there is no replacement for polyvore. never will be. but it's so good to see poly-folks here!!! u rule, guys!! xoxoxo

lilacat, 5 年之前

@Dianne Collier - it's perfectly ok, i hope you are getting well really soon! i'm happy that my set was helping you to overcome your sadness - this really means much to me. we have found our place here after such a short time - we are survivors!!! love, lila

lilacat, 5 年之前

@Ellen-Hilart - thank you so much - your words mean a lot to me! I'm looking forward to seeing your marvellous sets here! love, lila

Stormbattereddragon , 5 年之前

Hi! I totally relate to what you created, words and images. (((hugs))) we will survive!

stardustnf, 5 年之前

Such a wonderful set. So, so happy to see all the Polyvore peeps here. Still completely devastated about losing Polyvore. All the hours of creative work, the wonderful friendships. I think it's absolutely disgusting what Ssense did to us. I've signed the petition, and am constantly bugging them on Twitter to give us the site back. But at least I've now found this place. It can never replace Polyvore, but it's somewhere to start.

Dianne Collier, 5 年之前

lilacat sorry it has taken so long to reply -i went to sleep last night and woke up really ill today-probably just a transient bug. I know exactly what you mean about your first sets for poly.I felt the same way and I have had a good cry too. Let me say thaqt when I first got here(2 days ago)I thought I was alone and then I found your page and you made me feel so much better. I miss poly too I feel like a fish out of water! Perhaps with a little time we will come to feel better. I am here for you. Thanks for your Tired Angel set it saved me I was so down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart my dear friend xoxoxo big hugs xo

Ellen-Hilart , 5 年之前

Hello Lila,

It has been awhile since we have connected with each other & it is so nice to see you here. But, yes, what a shock we had! After all the years we were here, to be treated like we were was almost criminal.

I see you are on a great path in creating your beautiful and atmospheric sets - Bravo! You are understanding this site; I am having quite a lot of trouble downloading and keeping items. It will just take me some time to get there!

lilacat, 5 年之前

You're welcome! I signed too smile


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