Transitioning fire

iz kolekcije Spring/Summer 2019Eleganten, pred 1 leta
od Ruby Doorenbosch
Transitioning fire- Modna kombinacija
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thenycbaglady, pred 6 mesecev

Congrats on being the Best of Trendme!

VeneziaDea , pred 1 leta

Ruby Doorenbosch...Gorgeous dress

Michelle858, pred 1 leta

This outfit is walking elegance ! So wonderful !

Doozer , pred 1 leta

Good! You have a nice day too!

Ruby Doorenbosch, pred 1 leta

Doozer Thank you!! I have seen the email smile Have a nice day heart

Doozer , pred 1 leta

if you highlight the link it gives you the oprion to "go to" that seemed to work.

Doozer , pred 1 leta

Here is the link, it comes by email. You can get the emails by checking the box in your profile.

Ruby Doorenbosch, pred 1 leta

Thanks dear Doozer but i have to ask, which newsletter do you mean? I dont think Im subscribed to any newsletter from TrendMe so I'm very curious smile

Doozer , pred 1 leta

Congrats for being in the newsletter Sweetie!! XXO

Kate O, pred 1 leta

Congrats on Set of the Day !!

sandra , pred 1 leta

Fab congrats

lemo, pred 1 leta


Gianoula , pred 1 leta

Congratulations ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

Vittorio1, pred 1 leta

Amazing! Congrats on the Set of the day!

haikuandkysses, pred 1 leta

So Gorgeous! Congratulations!

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