The autumn air is so nice up here

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od Ruby Doorenbosch
The autumn air is so nice up here- Modna kombinacija
Wow! As you may notice, I'm really into fall sets lately! I just can't wait, it's almost there! Enjoy this lovely set of a beautiful lady enjoying a nice cup of coffee outside with her dog. You can see a marvelous lake and mountain behind her. Enjoy!
XOXO Maisy

4 september 2018

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Roxie, pred 2 leta

Very pretty!

shortyluv718, pred 2 leta

awesome autumn design!

Kitty Kimber , pred 2 leta


haikuandkysses, pred 2 leta


collagette, pred 2 leta

Pure autumn enchantment! =D

blucinzia , pred 2 leta

It's a cozy place outside ..and a beautiful sky,i love your set

peewee PV, pred 2 leta


vespagirl, pred 2 leta


Michelle858, pred 2 leta

Gorgeous ! smile

TesQ, pred 2 leta

love it! I am exited for fall smile

elenaviola, pred 2 leta

Fabulous place!

Bev Martin, pred 2 leta


Vittorio1, pred 2 leta

Wonderful peaceful picture!

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