Electric Sheep

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od Niwi
Electric Sheep- Modna kombinacija
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Enchanticals , pred 1 mesec

This is so amazing; words fail me.

Niwi , pred 3 mesecev

So welcome sweetie hehe smile
Kate O

Kate O, pred 3 mesecev

Oh My Gosh !! I have seen Blade Runner numerous times and never knew it was from PK Dicks book !! Hugs !! Thanks for the info !!

Niwi , pred 3 mesecev

Thank you Gianoula smile

Niwi , pred 3 mesecev

Thank you dear friends ;-) HalfMoonRun

Niwi , pred 3 mesecev

Kate O Inspiration here comes from a Philip K. Dick novel : "Do androids dream of electric sheep ?"
The movie Blade Runner was made after this book.

Kate O, pred 3 mesecev

Awesome, Amazing and Outstanding Art, Vero !!
I too Love the title !! Where did you get the idea for it ??
Hugs Sweetie !!

HalfMoonRun, pred 3 mesecev

Amazing piece of art, both nostalgic and futuristic. LOVE the title too

Gianoula , pred 3 mesecev

Awesome, love this Kind of art heart

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