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Adventurous Soul - Модное сочетание
11 JUN 2021 ~ When the travel bug bites you there is nothing to do but GO !! I wonder how Meesu would fair if I packed her up and took her along !! Probably drive me crazy because she hates the carrier.

It's Friday Gals, hope it's a good one and Saturday & Sunday is even better !!

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Kate O, до 2 месяцев

Thanks Sweet Friends !!
Niwi ~ so glad your Sunday was restful and quiet !! xoxo !!

HalfMoonRun, до 2 месяцев

Very pretty styling and remarkable set.

Niwi , до 2 месяцев

Sunday is all these, quiet, sunny and restful, and I'm staying inside and cool too smile
Big Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, до 2 месяцев

Restaurants had to be resourceful in order to stay afloat. The fine dining establishments were hit hard, but the community came together & supported the pick-up procedure. Hawks & other restaurants found the cost prohibitive for delivery, plus, after a trial, they found the meals were not meeting their standards, Oh, they still tasted fine but after being delivered they found the meals looked very unappetizing & all looked like what you'd find in a Soup Kitchen. A blob of whatever !!
They decided to upgrade the Pick-up/Take out containers to keep the meal separated if necessary. They also started to have the customer inspect the meals prior to bagging it. That way they knew exactly what they were getting. Trial and error !!
Hope your Sunday is quiet, sunny and restful !! I think it's suppose to be warmer, so I'll just stay inside. Big Hugs Vero !! xoxo !!

Niwi , до 2 месяцев

Many French restaurants chose the "click and collect" (kept in English into their adverts) and delivery service. Especially in Paris. It has helped some of them, some other couldn't afford the purcentage delivery plateforms asked them for the service over the suscription.
Last time I went to restaurant was in March, 2020...
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, до 2 месяцев

Places like Hawks and Locales we’re/are totally involved with the pick up and delivery, so their food and presents in the community has been there the whole time. I think they were one of first high end Restaurants to implement the pick up and delivery service which was well received. People didn’t want burgers or pizza all the time, so this was a welcome change. It’s what helped to keep them afloat !!
I have not been in a Restaurant for over a year. Not sure when I will go back.
Niwi - hugs !!

Niwi , до 2 месяцев

Ah! I'm not ready yet to go back to some restaurant, they just re-open this week. I'm not that adventurer ;-)

Kate O, до 2 месяцев

Niwi ~ Will do Sweetie !! Girls gotta eat, so why not treat yourself to a dinner at the best restaurant in town ??
xoxo !!

Niwi , до 2 месяцев

Elegance even when in adventure ;-)
Hugs Kate, have a lovely weekend !

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