There Are Angels Among Us!

коллекция Autumn/Winter 2019Искусство, до 4 года
от Bev Martin
There Are Angels Among Us!- Модное сочетание
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blucinzia , до 1 года

Beautiful tribute

Calamity, до 3 года

Very beautiful tribute, to your Mom. It's very difficult, when we lose them. Take care.

Bev Martin, до 4 года

dressi - Thank you very much!

dressi, до 4 года

so wunderschön❤️

Bev Martin, до 4 года

Thank you all for your kind words! It does get better with time, definitely better than last year.
Kate O

dgia, до 4 года

So wonderful tribute!xxx

beautifulplace, до 4 года

Such a lovely tribute to you mom!
My dad's Birthday was on the 2nd Oct.! I miss him terribly! ❤️

neverorever , до 4 года

Welcome back dear Bev ..This is so beautiful ,,,heart heart heart

JelNik, до 4 года

Yesterday it was my mom's birthday! Thank you very much!

Kate O, до 4 года

Beautiful Tribute to your Mother !! Hope you are well, though I know that each anniversary is a difficult time. It's been 5 years for me & I still think about her, want to ask her opinion or just chat.
I does get easier, but, the loss is still there. Take care Dear !!

Bev Martin, до 4 года

Michelle858 - Thanks so much!

Michelle858, до 4 года

So beautiful. Good to see you, Bev

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