Something to remember

da colecção Spring/Summer 2021 , antes 4 mêses
de olgaL
Something to remember- combinação de moda
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collagette, antes 2 mêses

Great style =D

lemo, antes 4 mêses

wow fantastic my dear heartheartheartheartheart

neverorever , antes 4 mêses


olgaL , antes 4 mêses

Thank you very much! I really appeciate your comments, they are a great help! The shirt was a pain and I'm still not sure about the skirt but I'm glad you like it!

Michelle858, antes 4 mêses

Oh my gosh, Olga - I love this outfit. I love how one boot is lying down and the other one standing up ! Superb jacket and shirt ! heart

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