To Kate O's friends

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de Niwi
To Kate O's friends- combinação de moda
I'm sad beyond words, because my dear friend Kate is gone. She passed away the 8th of July, and let us without her into this crazy world. She's been so brave day after day for all these years, struggling and though still caring for others. I admired her. I still do.
She loved being here, she loved her tM friends and she missed you all so much when she couldn't log in for some days : TrendMe and you all were so vital for her. This was her will that I let you know she's gone.
She left a loving...

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HalfMoonRun, antes 5 mêses

Very sadly touching, your set just as your words. (Belated congratulations on your Set of The Day.)
We will miss Kate, no doubt about it.
We will miss her not only for her pretty sets and the stories that came with, her always so kind comments to our sets,
but for all that she was and the comfort that she knew so well to bring into this "crazy world".
Heartfelt condolences and LOVE to her family and friends, and dear Niwi you are one of them.

justmetwo, antes 5 mêses

So so sad,rest in peace dear Kate.Hugs ♥♥

dehti, antes 5 mêses

My Niwi Feelings! I was sad to know
May God comfort family and friends.
R.I.P Kate O

Doozer , antes 5 mêses

Sorry my comment didn't make sense Sweetie. I stopped what I was writing and didn't delete it. Just saying I can't believe this has happened. I will miss Kate so much, she was a bright light on TrendMe.

lemo, antes 5 mêses

THAT´S SO SAD my dear Niwi, HEARTFELT CONDOLENCESheartheartheartheartheart Congrats!

Helenelle, antes 5 mêses


Doozer , antes 5 mêses

Thank you Sweetie Niwi This is so sad, I can't. Sending you hugs.

kari ch, antes 5 mêses

Congratulations heart

beleev , antes 5 mêses

Oh, this is such sad news. She was an inspiration to all of us. I am also so sorry, she's not here with us....and will pray for peace and comfort for her family. Heartfelt condolences to all who knew her. She will be missed. heart heart heart

Beautiful Set in her honor Niwi xo Congratulations !!

Niwi , antes 5 mêses

Thank you all dear friends.
Special thanks to webmaster(s) @trendMe for putting this set on the set of the day section. It makes the information more visible for Kate's friends. She would appreciate to be one last time into the Set of the Day spot, through this one.
Thank you, so much.
Hugs to all xo

Niwi , antes 5 mêses

I've seen your message under her last set, and I told her daughter, so she probably knew you posted it xo

beautifulplace, antes 5 mêses

Congratulations :( ❤️❤️❤️

Sherlin, antes 5 mêses


JelNik, antes 5 mêses


kmaryk, antes 5 mêses

Rest in peace dear Kate. A big hug for you.

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