November, Greyish Blue

z kolekcji FASHION , przed 4 miesięcy
od Niwi
November, Greyish Blue - Kreacja
Color of the month to me.
Mapples are only turning to gold, so many other trees are still green of leaves. Such a strange begining of November.
Take good care of you dear friends !

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Komentarze (15)


countrycuz, przed 2 miesięcy

wonderful design

Niwi , przed 3 miesięcy

Merci beaucoup dgia smile

dgia, przed 3 miesięcy

C'est beau!J'aime beaucoup les couleurs que tu as choisies! Le manteau est vraiment chic!

Niwi , przed 4 miesięcy

Merci ! Je suis très très prudente smile Prenez soin de vous tous également !

HalfMoonRun, przed 4 miesięcy

Very beautiful styling, colours and creative set. Continuez d'être prudente et de bien prenre soin de vous xxo

Kate O, przed 4 miesięcy

I like your "Covidiots" !! I know you will be careful, it's the other peeps that need watching !! Hugs my Dear Sweet Friend !! xoxo !!

Niwi , przed 4 miesięcy

I'll be as careful as possible Kate, as always. Every country has got it's pack of "Covidiots" all over the world. I can't understand why they don't realize Covid-19 viruses don't travel on their own. At the end of the chain, they are ALWAYS brought to you by several "someones"who did not apply these simple barrier gestures.
Have a beautiful Sunday sweetie xoxo
Kate O

Kate O, przed 4 miesięcy

I am glad you will be working at the school, though I will worry about you !! Please be safe !! We (Cali) aren't in confinement yet, but, I think it is coming !! Some states are in another lockdown and it is not going over with the selfish "idiots" !! I totally understand how people feel, but, if wearing masks can prevent death amongst family, friends and co-workers, then it is the least they should do !! Arrgh !!
Hugs Sweetie !!

MarinaSyd, przed 4 miesięcy


Niwi , przed 4 miesięcy

Thank you dear friend smile

Doozer , przed 4 miesięcy

Fabulous Sweetie!! XXO

Niwi , przed 4 miesięcy

November is a confined month for us, again. This time schools remain open so I'll be allowed to go outside to work, no home office. Universities are running online only.
Hugs sweetie !
Kate O

Niwi , przed 4 miesięcy

Thank you sweet Michelle !

Kate O, przed 4 miesięcy

Totally Awesome Vero !! This set is just filled with wonderful items and our little friend, Shaun the Sheep !! heartheart !! Love everything except the mask !! Wish it wasn't necessary, but c'est la vie !! Hoping November is good to us !! Hugs !! xoxo

Michelle858, przed 4 miesięcy

So wonderful ! I love the pants so much ! That lamb is adorable ! ! !

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