Christmas time

It is Christmas time and during that time we need tinsel, feathers and fabulousness, regardless of how many people you'll be able to show off to in person. Show us the Christmas day outfit which you would like to wear with your family or friends and win trendMe points: 1st place: 5000 points 2nd place: 3000 points 3rd place: 1000 points

Contest started: przed 4 miesięcy. Contest ends: przed 4 miesięcy. Set count: 428.
Contest not active. Old sets not allowed.

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Herbst/Winter 2020
od lemo

 185    9  

nr 2332 - Shine bright
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Christmas 2020
Styl uliczny
 long puffer coat in black
Pink 27-12

Autumn/Winter 2020
od kari ch

 101    8  

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Herbst/Winter 2020
od lemo

 108    9  

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