Celebrating 2 Years: Pretty in Punk Garden Party!

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Celebrating 2 Years: Pretty in Punk Garden Party!- Combinazione di moda
Hello Friends!
Happy 2nd Anniversary to the TrendMe Trendsetters Facebook Group on May 22nd, 2021! Let's all Celebrate this Fantastic Achievement with a Pretty in Punk Garden Party where we can dress up in Vivienne Westwood's Lady Like Punk Style like this Look! Congratulations to the TMTS Team for 2 Fabulous Years and to many more!


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Michelle858, prima 6 mesifa

Wow ! Fancy cool ! I miss you on here !

DiscoMermaid , prima 1 annifa

Love this!

cure kitty, prima 1 annifa

Perfume Inspiration: Boudoir - EDP by Vivienne Westwood - https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Vivienne-Westwood/Boudoir-1532.html

Punk Style Quotes:

Punks are known for being unique - don't let yourself worry that you don't look like punk. Wear what you want, make sure its relatively alternative, and you'll fit in with any punk crowd.

It's true the punk fashion itself was iconographic: rips and dirt, safety pins, zips, slogans, and hairstyles. These motifs were so iconic in themselves - motifs of rebellion. --- Vivienne Westwood

Fashion is here to help make people look very important. If they have good taste and choose what suits them, I give them options on how they can do that. It's always sexy, and it's always with the same result: making women look fantastic. --- Vivienne Westwood

I'm not anti-fashion, but I've always had a bit of a punk attitude. That's important, I think. I do my own thing. --- Sade Adu

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