Tropical Breeze !!

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di Kate O
Tropical Breeze !!- Combinazione di moda
15 JUN 2021 ~ A cool breeze on a Hot Summer Day, add a cool drink and you are good to go !!

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Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Me too Sweetie !! xoxo !

Niwi , prima 2 annifa

lol ! Yup I could do that :D)
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Niwi ~ They are projecting temps around 105 to 109 over the weekend !! We both need to stay cool !! Hang in there Vero !! I wish you would get a fan, if only to move air around which makes it seem cooler Or you can stand naked in front of the Fridge !! LOL !! Hugs, Kate !

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Sorry Friends, but tM is still messed up !! Thank You all !!

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Hugs and Thanks Dear Friends !!

HalfMoonRun, prima 2 annifa

Very pretty hot summer day styling and inspired set.

BeBeauty, prima 2 annifa

good choice for hot summer day ♥

beautifulplace, prima 2 annifa

Lovely look!! ❤️

Doozer , prima 2 annifa

Wonderful Sweetie!! XXO

Niwi , prima 2 annifa

we've got a "heat" wave, not "hit" lol ! Pardon my English ! ;-)

Niwi , prima 2 annifa

How charming !
Cool brize would be welcome, as we've got a hit wave since last weekend. It should turn to thunderstorms soon. Hope we wont get floodings or other things.
Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Michelle858, prima 2 annifa


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