Summer in Shorts !!

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di Kate O
Summer in Shorts !!- Combinazione di moda
17 JUN 2021 ~ Can never have too many pairs of shorts !! Unless the outing indicates a dress should be worn, this is my Summer wardrobe !!

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katrandu, prima 8 mesifa


Kate O, prima 2 annifa

HalfMoonRun ~ Love the comfy dress, no restrictions, just a free flowing dress. Hugs & Thanks !!

HalfMoonRun, prima 2 annifa

Charming, both styling and set.

Kate O, prima 2 annifa


Niwi , prima 2 annifa

Hugs Kate ! xoxo

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Appreciate all your support Sweet Friends !! Big Hugs !!
Doozer ~ Prayers are Good !!
Niwi ~ The situation has gotten the better of me and my feelings and frustrations had no where else to go, so the flood of tears happened !!
Still trying to be positive, but, Dang the drama & trauma makes it very difficult !! Rachel has been wonderful !! She has dropped everything to help me out !! She had a Photo shoot with SacMag, but rescheduled it. Then we hung out until she needed to get home to the Munchkins (after the week with Phil), she misses her kids & they are Happy to be home !!
Be Safe & stay cool !! Hugs !! xox !!

Niwi , prima 2 annifa

I hope you are not feeling pain from this tumble Kate. It was wise to call Rachel for help, because we may feel like a tumble has no serious effect, but it may remind you you hit the floor a little time after (know what I'm talking about ;-)
Dear sweet friend, I know this is not you but crying is often necessary to release all the pressure/sorrow/pain/axiety we may feel. When we cry it's that we need to, keeping tears can be requiered into some situations, but into other cases, we are allowed to let them go. I think you are facing such cases.
Hope you are feeling ok this starting weekend. Enjoy the day sweetie ! Big hugs ! xoxo

Doozer , prima 2 annifa

Praying for you Kate. XXO

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Doozer ~ Thanks Deb !! Sometimes Life gives us Lemons, but there is no pitcher to make the Lemonade in. !Not having a very good May or June, but this to shall pass, I pray !
Hugs would be good right about now !! XO !!

Doozer , prima 2 annifa

This is lovely Kate Sweetie!! I am so sorry you are going through a hard time. Sending you hugs.

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Happy Friday !!
Niwi ~ Aren't we a pair !!
Took a tumble in the Oncology parking lot this morning, I was being careful but the walker i was using took off down the sloping parking lot. I think it hit the raised concrete flower bed and dumped me over, I have a bruise on my chest. Weird because I don't remember hitting that part of my body, just my thick skull & that wasn't a hard hit at all. Needless to say 7-8 men came running along with a couple of Infusion Nurses (on lunch). They all tried to convince me to go to the ER, but, I refused to be transported by Ambulance when I knew I was not seriously hurt. Instead they called Rachel to drive me home. She used Uber/Lift to get her back to Oncology for my car.
To be honest, things aren't going well here and I am very frustrated !! So much so that have cried a few times these past weeks. Not me normally, but then it has been more stressful lately.
Hoping your weekend is stress free !! Hugs !! xoxo !!!

Niwi , prima 2 annifa

I gave up on many thing with time too ;-)
Happy Friday Kate ! xoxo

lemo, prima 2 annifa

very beautiful heartheartheart

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Niwi ~ When I was younger shorts and summer shifts were my go to outfits.,but as I got older I realized my legs were looking old, so I only wear shorts at home. It’s the pits growing old !!
Hugs Sweetie !! xoxo

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Thanks bunches sweet Friends !!

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