French Connection

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di stardustnf
French Connection- Combinazione di moda
My first foray into TrendMe world. Any who know me from Polyvore, PLEASE friend me. :)

#floral #pink #dress #clutchcrush #fearlessfashion

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Commenti (24)


haikuandkysses, prima 5 annifa


Beverly , prima 6 annifa

Love the combination!

FreeBird, prima 6 annifa

Love the dress!

NYC Style Guide, prima 6 annifa


greta martin, prima 6 annifa

Brilliant set , elegant outfit xxx

marie clarke, prima 6 annifa

just gorgeous

stardustnf, prima 6 annifa

Thanks everyone! Hiya Kisha! Great to see you here!! smile Still getting the hang of it, but I'm getting there. smile

carola-corana, prima 6 annifa


trustkisha, prima 6 annifa have the touch here also. Shadow work looks great dear

Marina Dusanic, prima 6 annifa


stardustnf, prima 6 annifa

Thanks so much, everyone! So happy that all my Polyvore peeps are here! I was so upset when Polyvore was shut down. Glad that we all found this place so quickly. smile

CraftyGeminiCreation , prima 6 annifa

Really beautiful!

SELDZ , prima 6 annifa


angelicallxx, prima 6 annifa


Mary Cheffer, prima 6 annifa

Perfect! xo

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