Le Papillon S' Envole

dalla collezione by Lili MarieSogni, Concorrenza 'FLYING HIGH: BUTTERFLY FASHION CONTEST', prima 2 mesifa
di HalfMoonRun
Le Papillon S' Envole- Combinazione di moda
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Gaja11 , prima 2 mesifa

What a fabulous set dear ! love each element !

herasdarne, prima 2 mesifa

Simply perfect!

Almadiana , prima 2 mesifa


JelNik, prima 2 mesifa

I really like this well-thought-out outfit and your wonderful set!

zoloto, prima 2 mesifa

This combination of style and elegance is worth paying attention to, this set is definitely beautiful, the design is excellent!

BeBeauty, prima 2 mesifa

classy and fabulous ♥

Márta Tugyi, prima 2 mesifa

Very creative!

Barbijoux, prima 2 mesifa


siriusfun, prima 2 mesifa

Wonderful outfit and beautiful butterflies!!!

justmetwo, prima 2 mesifa

Outstanding art & fashion,in love with your dress ♥️

Sb2020, prima 2 mesifa

Stunning fashion set heart

Renita , prima 2 mesifa

So beautiful, both the art work and the styling! I love it allheart

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