How to wear a Floral Scallop-Detail Robe!

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di DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Floral Scallop-Detail Robe!- Combinazione di moda
This pink floral pattern was created by Heidi Carey and brought to life as a luxurious robe. Beautifully scalloped, this one will turn your mornings as well as evenings into a cosy setting. So unbelievably soft you won't want to take it off. Pair ti with a Boohoo nightdress. Accessorize with pink slippers.

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DiscoMermaid , prima 4 mesifa

Thanks, KateGWest !

KateGWest, prima 4 mesifa

This is great!

DiscoMermaid , prima 4 mesifa

Thanks, Márta Tugyi !

Márta Tugyi, prima 4 mesifa


DiscoMermaid , prima 4 mesifa

Thanks, siriusfun ,justmetwo and zoloto !

zoloto, prima 4 mesifa

Wow, really cool!

justmetwo, prima 4 mesifa

Such a gorgeous set ♥

siriusfun, prima 4 mesifa

Gorgeous robe and comfortable looking nightgown and slippers!!!! I would love to wear this!!

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