EMERGENCY: ... I Need a Drink

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di Pam
EMERGENCY: ... I Need a Drink- Combinazione di moda
And I don't even drink.
"Emergency" my a$$...
Real emergencies are not PLANNED

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haikuandkysses, prima 2 annifa


Niwi , prima 2 annifa

Beautifum for a so clear message! Hold on Pam xoxo

Pam , prima 2 annifa

Suburbhater Yes, Lynne, I know...but I'll be driving. See my little car & camper in my set: Packing UP! hee hee

Once I get to you, though, I'm staying! Probably forever! And you won't even notice, in that big, old house! I'll live in the attic with my cats =)

Suburbhater , prima 2 annifa

hey you! Canada is a big place - think you can manage to see both Joyce and me? We are about five hours flight time apart....

Pam , prima 2 annifa

HA! I think that island is big enough for us, Joyce! =) Just get me a little retro camper. As long as I have a bed, bathroom & place for the dog & cats, I'm ok! Olivia wants to go to either Toronto or Sweden, so she's on her own or she can go stay with "auntie Lynne" Suburbhater

Incogneato, prima 2 annifa

Pam Kate O
My family from Seattle have put in first dibs!

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

I call it #45 or Orange sh*t Gibbon or DT because it isn't human or humane. I am with you Pam !! Now we have the National Emergency order to deal with !! I am hoping that Mueller is ready to indict #45, its adult family and each and everyone of its heartless & crooked Cronies !!
Incogneato ~ Joyce, I hope you have room for Me & Pam !! :|

Pam , prima 2 annifa

Would be best not to mention that name in my company, as well, Joyce! ={ Incogneato

Incogneato, prima 2 annifa

Pam I cannot even mention his name to my sister in Seattle ... she becomes apoplectic! :D

Pam , prima 2 annifa

I knew you'd get it, Kate O
Yes, @Vittorio!, there definitely ARE cases when an actual CASE of alcohol are needed! LOL

Incogneato Oh, Joyce, the state of this country right now is my stress. Sometimes I really wonder if it really will pass or if he's just planning on ripping up the constitution to stay in power forever, in which case, I'm heading to Canada... soooo... see ya soon, maybe! =O

Vittorio1, prima 2 annifa

Oh yes! There are cases when needed, agree!

Kate O, prima 2 annifa

Oh, You naughty Girl !! I am in total agreement and I do have a bottle of wine given to me at Christmas I could consume. I am a social drinker and maybe once a month I might have a Margarita when out with Friends. #45 could drive me to drink for sure !! Hugs !!

Incogneato, prima 2 annifa

So wonderful Pam ! I can only imagine what emergency has come up. Just remember to breathe and remind yourself, ‘this too will pass!’

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