Denim: A Sturdy Cotton Twill Fabric!

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Denim: A Sturdy Cotton Twill Fabric!- Combinaciónde moda
Hello Friends!
Denim is a Fabulous Fabric wore by everyone that is Classy, Casual, & Cool! Pair your Basic Blue Jeans and add a Lovely T-Shirt, Pretty Accessories, Fun Shoes, Colorful Makeup, & Fabulous Perfume to make your Denim Look quite
Lady Like and Extra Special! too! Have a Great Week! Hugs, Diana XOXOXOXOXOXO

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Perfume Inspiration: Blue Jeans by Versace -

Words to Live By in Denim:
1. Blue Denims are the most beautiful things since the gondola. ~ Diana Vreeland

2. In the right denim, a girl can conquer the world. ~ Razelle T

3. I think Denim is something everyone feels comfortable in. It's kind of my uniform, really. ~ Clemence Poesy

4. Food. Water. Denim. Let's get back to essentials. ~ Anonymous

5. I wish I could invent something like Blue Jeans. Something to be remembered for. ~ Andy Warhol

6. Denim has always been an everyday symbol for style. ~ Ritu Kumar

7. I'm like every other woman: a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. So I wear jeans. ~ Cameron Diaz

8. The beauty of Denim is its versatility - you can feel comfortable and sexy. ~ Anonymous

9. I want to die with my blue jeans on. ~ Andy Warhol

10. You can never own too much Denim ~ Anonymous

11. Denim is a love that never fades. ~ Elio Fiorucci

12. Nothing is more alluring to a man than a woman who looks good in her jeans. ~ Nina Garcia

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