Hello March, Spring is in the Air!

collection Thank God I am FabulousSpring, 1 years ago
by cure kitty
Hello March, Spring is in the Air!- Fashion set
Hello Friends!
Happy March! We only have a few weeks left of Winter! Soon it will be Spring! I just love the Spring and seeing all of the Plants turning green getting ready to bloom! So to get ready for the Spring Season, here is a Pretty Green Set to wear on a warm day to take a peek of the plants that are about to bloom! You'll look Beautiful wearing this Fantastic Look! Happy Early Spring! Hugs, Diana XO XO XO XO

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Comments (11)



lemo, 1 years ago

thank you very,very much for congratulations my dear heartheartheartheartheart"I WISH YOU A NICE DAY!"

Renita , 1 years ago

Love this set, cute dress!

KateGWest, 1 years ago


lemo, 1 years ago

very beautiful color my dearheartheartheart

BeBeauty, 1 years ago

very beautiful Spring outfit ♥ Happy early spring dear ♥

Nanni33, 1 years ago


Evgeniya7, 1 years ago

❤️ As always, very positive and inspiring!! Cool! ❤️

justmetwo, 1 years ago

Very beautiful,love the dress ♥

siriusfun, 1 years ago

Glorious green Spring set!!! So beautiful!!

Michelle858, 1 years ago

I sure would love to wear this most fabulous outfit, dear Cure Kitty ! Always good to see you and your work on here ! The dress and the shoes are divine !

cure kitty, 1 years ago

Perfume Inspiration: Green Edp by Byredo Perfumes - https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Byredo/Green-3574.html

Words to Live By:
"Every cold and dark phase ends and hence begins a beautiful phase of warmth and vibrance. Don’t believe? Just notice March." ~ Anamika Mishra

“March brings breezes loud and shrill, stirs the dancing daffodil.” ― Sara Coleridge

“Now when the primrose makes a splendid show, And lilies face the March-winds in full blow, And humbler growths as moved with one desire; Put on, to welcome spring, their best attire…” ― William Wordsworth

"Springtime is the land awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.” ― Lewis Grizzard

“To welcome her the Spring breath’s forth Elysian sweets; March strews the Earth With violets and posies.” ― Edmund Waller

“March, when days are getting long, Let thy growing hours be strong to set right some wintry wrong.” ― Caroline May

“I have said that there was great pleasure in watching the ways in which different plants come through the ground, and February and March are the months in which that can best be seen.” ― Henry N. Ellacombe

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ― Pablo Neruda

“Flowers and colours everywhere, I am so glad that March is here.” ― Anamika Mishra

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