Abibliophobia The Fear of Running Out Of Books...

collection Thank God I am FabulousAutumn, 12 months ago
by cure kitty
Abibliophobia The Fear of Running Out Of Books...- Fashion set
Hello Friends:
What is Dark Academia? The aesthetic is inspired by old and classic literature/philosophy, as well as themes of existentialism. The style of dark academia leans more on the casual but well-put-together side. The color palette consists mainly of neutral and dark tones (i.e. cream, beige, brown, grey, black). Layering is a big aspect of dark academia fashion so there are lots of items that go into a look. The main styles of clothing include blazers, turtlenecks, sweaters...

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KateGWest, 12 months ago

love, love, love it all!

Doozer , 12 months ago

This is fantastic Sweetie!! XXO

BeBeauty, 12 months ago

super ♥

Evgeniya7, 12 months ago

❤️ Class! Always interesting! ❤️

Renita , 12 months ago

Hi! Love it, it's comfortable but cool!

cure kitty, 12 months ago

Abibliophobia The Fear of Running Out Of Books to Read!

,,, (oversized, fit, and vests), cardigans, wool/trench coats, tennis skirts, pencil skirts (both long and short), corduroy pants (sometimes in the pattern of plaid), long socks, and Dr. Martins to finish off the look. Accessories include vintage jewelry, a scarf, and messenger bags. Here is a Dark Academia Look for the Fall! Perfect for anyone to wear!

Hugs, Diana XOXOXOXO

Perfume Inspiration: Dark Cherry & Amber EDP by Banana Republic - https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Banana-Republic/Dark-Cherry-Amber-59392.html

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