Sunshine And Good Vibes

collection Spring/Summer 2020Elegant, 4 months ago
by elenaviola
Sunshine And Good Vibes- Fashion set
#summer #sunshine #good vibes #chiffon dress #Mademe bag #Attico sandals #Eugenia Kim hat

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Comments (11)


Gianoula , 2 months ago

Love this dress! heart The colours of the set are amazing and so summer fresh! heart

dgia, 4 months ago

Fantastic set!

Qiou, 4 months ago

So absolutely lovely!!!!

beautifulplace, 4 months ago

Absolutely delightful ❤️

Doozer , 4 months ago

This is so beautiful Sweetie!! XXO

JelNik, 4 months ago

Adorable summer outfit!

BeBeauty, 4 months ago

lovely styling ♥

Michelle858, 4 months ago

Bursting with energy ! Beautiful !

lemo, 4 months ago


elenaviola, 4 months ago

Thank you very much, dear HalfMoonRun !

HalfMoonRun, 4 months ago

beautifully feminine and elegant styling with radiant, vibrant colours. set filled with summer : )

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