Vintage Hippy Wedding Dresses!

collection Spring/Summer 2019Vintage, Competition 'Hippy look', 1 years ago
by Bev Martin
Vintage Hippy Wedding Dresses!- Fashion set
Here are three vintage Gunne Sax Hippy Wedding Dresses from the 70's! These dresses were simple in design and easy to make. They were also very economical due to their design and the cost of fabric at the time.

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Comments (6)


Bev Martin, 1 years ago

haikuandkysses - Thank you!

haikuandkysses, 1 years ago

Beautiful! heart

Bev Martin, 1 years ago

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️ - Thanks so much!

irish-eyes-were-smiling ♥️ , 1 years ago


Bev Martin, 1 years ago

Michelle858 - Thank you! When I think back on what we wore during this time, I do remember these dresses.

Michelle858, 1 years ago

I remember that people in California, some people who were having very small weddings, would say that they were going to wear a Gunny Sax. These are cute.

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