Beige Dresses

collection Spring/Summer 2018 , 2 years ago
by belle
Beige Dresses- Fashion set
date// 4.12
type// simple set
tags// n.a

so this is my first set! well not really if i'm being completely honest...

you see i actually was on poly under @.myunnamedthings (which is too long of a username so i adapted @.rosebelle for this site) and then all my sets were deleted which sucked. especially since i'd been on poly for 2 years. and on group accounts. and owned a group.


anyways i'm looking to reconnect(?) like on insta a lot of former users are saying to try trendme so...

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Comments (2)


belle , 2 years ago

@beautifulplace thanks!!

beautifulplace, 2 years ago


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