The Gardener's Daughter - tutorial

collection Polyvore reunitedArt, 3 years ago
by Suburbhater
The Gardener's Daughter - tutorial - Fashion set
When you add an item that appears to have a transparent background only to find that there are little sections that are still white - do the remove background like you would for a non-transparent item. That should remove those little sections.

When you want an item not listed in the categories - go to Graphic Elements and All Categories and put what you want into the search (flowers for example) and you should find what you need.

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Comments (19)


Sunnys System , 2 years ago

thanks. I am finding this frustrating trying to figure out how all of it works here.

Countrycousin , 2 years ago

thanks for the amazing tip

haikuandkysses, 3 years ago


Countrycousin , 3 years ago

thanks for the search tutorial

Countrycousin , 3 years ago


lastchance , 3 years ago

Ahmazingly beautiful :D

Niwi , 3 years ago

Awesome set Lynne ! And thank you for the tips smile

CherryLayne, 3 years ago

love this...♥

aazraa, 3 years ago


beautifulplace, 3 years ago

So pretty♥

vespagirl, 3 years ago


Cindy Pete , 3 years ago

Beautiful set!

Zanet, 3 years ago

fantastic, I love this girl smile

Etteniotna, 3 years ago

Another gorgeous creation Lynne!

Xiandrina , 3 years ago


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